“The word ‘freedom’ has, perhaps, nuanced and different meanings for each of us. For the lucky ones, it’s a concept we can make our own as our lives progress. For others, it’s something that’s not taken for granted but rather to be yearned for. As a cellist and a musician I have always been fascinated by the balance between discipline and freedom and the seeming contradiction that the more discipline I find, the freer I can be. There will be free improvisation (with Stephan Braun, Hayden Chisholm and Max Baillie) which also needs the greatest of control, and a new work by Deborah Pritchard.” – Natalie Clein, Artistic Director


“When thinking of a theme which to base my ideas of programming thisyear on, the image of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ kept coming back tomy me. The idea that we could commune together again on stage and asaudience members and that live music making is essential to our lives and asource of ‘Light’ and hope for many of us. Life was not simple for most of the composers whose works you will hear this weekend, but through strugglesvery different in nature, a deeper understanding and beauty is revealed.” – Natalie Clein, Artistic Director

Solitary Nature

“When building a programme for this year’s Purbeck International Chamber Music Festival, I was inspired by the solitary nature of listening to music, as well as its polar opposite – the chance to commune in something together. This takes place on both sides of the stage – as performers we also move between a state of creative solitude and direct communication through music. The music you will experience over the next four days explores both worlds – from the solo player exploring Bach, Hindemith, Vasks to the collective joy found in Tchaikovsky, Boccherini, Mendelssohn and more. – Natalie Clein, Artistic Director

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