Evening Concert

Friday, 4 September

September 4, 2020
7:30 pm
Evening Concert
Purbeck International Chamber Music Festival


  • Deborah Pritchard ‘Storm Song’ for cello voice piano 6’
  • Kate Royal, Natalie Clein, Cédric Pescia
  • Claude Debussy Songs
  • Kate Royal and Cédric Pescia
  • Baudelaire readings by Toby Jones
  • Claude Debussy Syrinx 5’
  • Boris Bizjak
  • Maurice Ravel Chansons Madécasses 13’
  • Kate Royal, Boris Bizjak, Natalie Clein, Cédric PesciaInterval
  • Gabriel Fauré Piano Quartet in G minor 34’
  • Barnabas Kelemen , Gareth Lubbe, Cédric Pescia and Natalie Clein

Interspersed with improvisations by Hayden Chisholm and Kit Downes

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